Our instructors are some of the best in the industry. They are all REAL police K9 handlers with experience and incredible knowledge to share. Most importantly, they are all great people with passion for teaching and helping keep cops safer.


TacDogs training Program Lead Instructor. Updated pic and bio coming soon.

In 2013, the TacDogs program expanded by starting an annual Instructor/Trainer certification. Each year, these instructors/trainers return for re-certification to maintain the integrity of their skill and integrity to the program. Each one of them has utilized this program to enhance their handling capabilities, deployment success, and overall team safety. Listed below are some of the instructors that are currently certified under the TacDogs Training Program.

Eddie has been in federal law enforcement since 1988 and a K9 handler since 1990 in Florida. He attended his first TacDogs seminar in 2009. Eddie is considered an 'expert' in tracking which is backed by his experiences.

Eddie Brannon

Eric has been in law enforcement in Texas, since September, 1998. He handled a scent-discriminating bloodhound for the Galveston Police Department prior to going to work for the League City Police Department in 2008. Eric was responsible for re-starting the K9 Unit within the League City Police Dept in 2011, and has been the unit trainer and a dual-purpose narcotic / patrol dog handler since August, 2011. Eric began training his unit’s dogs using the TacDogs program in 2013, attended the TacDogs Trainer course in 2015, and recently completed the TacDogs Instructor course in May, 2016.

Eric Cox

Brent has been in law enforcement in Colorado since 2001. He started his agency's K-9 unit in 2008. Brent attended our very 1st TacDogs seminar in August of 2009. He was brought up "old school" like most of us using complusive techniques to train his dog and wondered why he was bit more than once. Brent has changed his training philosophies and is recognized for his success as a handler which has allowed his unit to grow.

Brent Kieffer

Patrick has been in law enforcement since 2001, with the Lakewood Police Department in Colorado. He has been a K9 handler since 2003. In February of 2013 he started working his second PSD "Ty" strictly under the TacDogs program. His SWAT team looks to him for training their K-9 unit so that they can successfully deploy with their SWAT team.

Patrick Lone

Jeff has worked with the Greenwood Village Police Department in Colorado since 1993. He has been a K9 handler since 2000 and is working his second PSD, "Magnum". Jeff solicited Brett's help to find and train "Magnum" in 2011. Jeff trained "Magnum" under the TacDogs program from green to certification and street ready in 5 weeks time.

Jeff Mulqueen

In May 2016, Tim retired from Phoenix PD, AZ with 30 years of service as a police officer. Tim had been assigned to K-9 since 1995. Tim's expertise comes from thousands of various K-9 deployments, specializing in patrol and narcotics detection. Tim had four PSD's during his career, and has trained other K-9 teams during his term. Now that Tim has retired he will be focused on providing driven dogs, tested and approved by TacDogs Instructors, for both single and dual purpose work.

Tim Norton

Matt has been a Deputy Sheriff in Indiana since April of 2005. Matt has been a K-9 handler since 2012 with his current partner Ziomek. Matt learned quickly that the compulsion method of training was not working and reached out to find a better way. He attended and participated in his first TacDogs seminar in 2014. Matt quickly subscribed to the TacDogs Training Program and through continued attendance and dedication to the TacDogs training methods found that he would excel in his real life deployments. Matt and Ziomek work better as a team now, Matt has off-lead control with his dog that allows him to be selected for utilizations that other K-9’s teams can not perform. Matt’s confidence and training with his partner increase their reliability and enhances the safety and success of those he works with on the street. Matt became a TacDogs Instructor in 2016.

Matt Sneed

Travis been employed with Pinal County Sheriff's Office, AZ, since 2007. In 2010, Travis began working his first K9, "Russ". He was taught the old school "compulsion method" of training with K9 Russ and realized early on that there had to be a better way of training without all the negative training methods. It was shortly after this when Travis discovered the TacDogs program, which was training for the real world. Travis and his second K9, "Troy", have trained under the TacDogs training philosophies and have had great results and success with the foundations of this program during training and real-life deployments. Travis has also trained 8 other dog teams under this program which has made each team safer and more dependable on the road.

Travis Williams

Zach started his agency's K9 unit in 2009 and attended his first TacDogs seminar in 2011. He has worked for the Woodburn Police Department in Oregon since 2001. Zach has been working dogs since 2006. His dog training philosophies were similar to the TacDogs program and Brett helped him refine his skills to be applicable to police work. Zach turned to us to help him find his 2nd PSD that he has been training strictly under the TacDogs program.

Zach Williams


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